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One Wonky Eye
Citadelle Gin, St. Germaine, Grapefruit, Sparkling Wine
(An Almost) Classic Daiquiri$14
Plantation 3 Stars Rum, Lime, Pineapple, Ginger
A New York Sour$14
Overholt Rye, Lemon, Ginger, Honey, Tempranillo
Fancy Tanktop$14
Altos Blanco Tequila, Pineapple, Ginger, Lime
Dublin Windage$14
Teeling Whiskey, Fernet Branca, Honey, Lemon, Mint
My Grandmother's Lemonade$14
Four Roses Bourbon, Lemon, Honey, Lavender Bitters, Soda
Seattle Mule$14
Aloo Vodka, Ginger, Simple, Lime, Soda
American Yankee in Medici's Court$12
Narragansett, Aperol, Lemon
Grapefruit Radler$9
Wheat Beer, Grapefruit
Cherry Wheat$12
Wheat Beer, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
Black Velvet$10
Guinness, Sparkling Wine
Lemon Shandy$9
Pilsner, Lemon, Honey
Turbo Shandy$12
Pilsner, Vodka, Lemon, Hoeny
Pilsner, Tequila, Lime
Snakebite Violette$12
Guinness, Creme de Violette


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Nose is orange, brown sugar and black tea. Palate is full bodied, with a great mouthfeel. Thanksgiving desert in a glass; nutmeg, burnt sugars, roasted nuts. Finish is medium with nutmeg and oak taking over.
Nose is nutty with butterscotch, leather and orange. Palate has a very interesting sweet/spicy battle going on with a middle of tongue burn. Expect leather, orange, black peppercorn, vanilla and cinnamon. Moderate finish continues with cinnamon, caramel and the orange continues.
Nose is evident of a higher rye content, pepper, rye, honeysuckle. Palate is dry and easy with light notes of brown sugar, leather and rye. Smooth, quick finish with honey, and some warmth.
The nose of vanilla, caramel and a hint of tobacco, giving way to toffee, chocolate orange and leather on the tongue. The front of tongue burn and medium/long finish are accentuated by the thick and coating mouthfeel.
This bourbon is not for the weak. A very complex and intense nose that runs from oak, leather, caramel and hints of fruits continues on the tongue with a very pleasant burn that gives way to more leather, oak, vanilla, and spice. Ridiculously long finish opens up hints of cherry along with more oak and leather.
Nose is sweet with a hint of burn. Gives way to vanilla, heath bars and barrel. The palate is very sweet with a mixture of corn, brown sugar, and tobacco. The finish is quick, sweet and full of NJ sweet corn.
Nice nose with oak, subtle hints of corn, vanilla and cinnamon. Taste is a rye spice with burnt sugar, some tobacco and more rye. Medium finish where the cinnamon and rye in the mashbill come though again
Bulleit 10yr$18
Notes of clove, cinnamon, maple sugar and tea fill the nose nicely; with a palate of baked apples and a holiday stuffing (bread, spices, and fruits. no giblets.). The decently long finish brings with it the barrel, along with more hearty and homey spices.
Eagle Rare 10yr$13
Cherries, honey, chocolate and spice are predominant on the nose and tounge. The finish continues with these notes along with a touch of nutmeg.
Elijah Craig 12yr$16
Nose is reminiscent of your grandmother's candy bowl; caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, with a hint of the charred oak and ocean breeze underneath. All the notes on the nose continue on the palate with the ocean breeze turning into light salt water or brine. Finish is medium with a nice bourbon linger with the rye and char finally coming through a bit.
Evan Williams Black$10
Palate is slightly more complex than the Green Label with char, molasses and caramel apple. Palate brings heat, rye and muddled grains. Finish is more of the same; grains, pepper, and burn
Evan Williams Green$8
Nose is simple and to the point with vanilla, oak and caramel. Palate is easy and a little "green" with coconut fresh fruit popsicle, honey and tropical fruits. The finish is quick with oak, sweetness and more caramel.
Evan Williams Single Barrel$14
Every single barrel bottle will have slightly different notes than the year or bottle before it. So these notes are more vague and are notes that I get from year to year. Nose, tropical fruit, vanilla and caramel. Palate continues with tropical fruits, sea salt caramels and peanuts. Finish is moderate with the fruit continuing, caramel and some spice to finish.
Four Roses Single Barrel$16
A nose of cherries, pear and chocolate, with oak and toffee. The palate finds more oak, dark fruits, and an additional hint of chocolate. The long, easy finish comes back to the cherries, sugars, and oak.
Four Roses Small Batch$14
The nose finds toffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, pit fruits and oak. The Palate has a nice, velvety mouthfeel, with raspberries in a mild honey and cinnamon sugar. the Finish is moderately long with more honey, cinnamon and vanilla coming through.
Four Roses Yellow Label$12
Nose is sweet, with honey, vanilla and a touch of spice. Palate is sweet corn, slight rye and more honey. Finish is longer than one would expect with more brown sugar and oak coming through.
Hillrock Solara Aged Bourbon$15
On the nose: Certain notes you would expect like young heat, aged rye spice with some nice hints of honey, vanilla and dried fruits and a. Palate is more young heat, rye spice, rock pit fruits and caramel/toffee taste. Finish is quick/medium with more caramel, rye spice, fruit related sweetness coming through.
Hudson Baby Bourbon$16
In the nose we find CORN! More corn. Sweet corn, and a tinge of vanilla. The palate is extremely light, with [more] corn, oak and a bit of sweetened ginger spice. The finish is quick, sweet, and thin.
Hudson Four Grain Bourbon$16
With a nose of seeded berries, corn and baking spice, the palate falls a little flat with some barnyard qualities coming through (due to the wheat), followed by rye spice and semi creamy mouthfeel. A moderate finish, with buttered toast coming through.
Nose is rather light with vanilla, yeast and farmyard. Palate is Smooth with a nice, slightly oily mouth feel. Notes of buttered, peppered corn and some caramel come across. Finish is quick/moderate with honey and oak.
Jefferson Reserve$16
Nose, sweet popcorn, fruit, honeysuckle. Palate acai berry, fresh herbs (mint, basil) with a nice subtle finish with Acai berry and spice.
Jim Beam Black$12
Nose, corn, oak and caramel with a hint of vanilla. Palate is sweet followed by spice with fruits, undergrowth and butter; the mouthfeel is a very pleasant surprise. Finish is longish, with caramel and wood.
Knob Creek$14
Very complex nose flowing back and fourth between oak, orange, butter, corn, burnt sugar, leather and hints of vanilla. Palate is just as complex with pepper, corn, caramel, oak and heat (it is 100 proof). The finish is moderate with the oak and sugars coming through
Nose is pitted fruits, Oak. Palate has nice caramel burn, raisin, dried plums, apricot and honey. Finish is a bit more lingering than medium and tastes of dried fruits and the sugars associated with them.
Maker’s 46$14
Similar nose to the original Maker's Mark just with more vanilla, honey and sugar. Palate is very balanced chai spice, vanilla, oak and a touch of astringent. Finish is moderate with the astringency lingering with hints of caramel and char.
Maker’s Mark$10
The nose is subtle with candy corn, spice and vanilla. Mouth feel is extremely creamy accentuating fresh fruits, vanilla and brown sugar. Medium finish with 'second' tastes including baking spice, oak and apple.
Noah’s Mill$11
Nose is robust with dark fruits, maple, grass and leather. Palate is very creamy, rich and viscous with deep thanksgiving spices (think hazelnut and cinnamon). The finish is medium to long, with vanilla, more oak and slight pepper.
OId Grand Dad 114$10
Nose is leather, a hint of tobacco and Charleston Chew vanilla. Palate has a nice viscous mouth feel with some burn, candy corn, tobacco and rye grain. Finish is long, spicy and oaky.
Rebel Reserve$12
Nose is full of honey, dried fruits and a hint of banana bread. On the palate its more of the same, honey, unrefined cane sugar and plum. The finish is moderate, clean and finally brings forth the spice that you would expect from a bourbon.
Rebel Yell$11
Nose is full of cut wood, dried apples, a bit of grass and light caramel. Palate very little burn, wheated mash bill comes through with hints of vanilla. Finish is quick with barnyard coming though with fresh cut wheat.
Rowan’s Creek$11
Well balanced nose with orange, fresh cut oak and cherries. Palate has a pleasant mouth feel with more cherries coming through along with baking spices and maple. The finish is moderate and brings back the orange on the nose with some char to balance it out.
Russell’s Reserve 10yr$16
A nose of cinnamon, butter, roasted wood and vanilla; with a palate consisting of a complex oaky sweetness along side orange, dark chocolate, leather and baking spices. The finish is long with oh-so-sweet maple and sugar notes.
Stagg JR.$16
The nose fills with brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon; easy like sunday morning. The palate finds heat, cherry syrup, more brown sugar and new hints of citrus. The finish is very long with smoke and sugar taking control.
Weller 90$12
Nose is nice and sweet with honey, apples, leather. Palate is delightful with well balanced sweet/semispicy, caramel apple, vanilla, and shelled nuts. Finish is a little long, crisp and continues with shelled nuts and honey.
Wild Turkey 81$11
Nose, vanilla, peaches, corn, rye. Palate, oak, toffee, charred sugars, nutmeg, mint. Finish is moderate with corn, fruit and rye coming out.
Wild Turkey 101$13
Think the 81 with a lot more heat and alcohol burn. Nose, vanilla, peaches, corn, rye. Palate, oak, toffee, charred sugars, nutmeg, mint. Finish is moderate with corn, fruit and rye coming out.
The nose smells like all the great qualities of the barrel it was aged in; wood, a bit of char giving way to citrus. On the Palate the wood characteristics continue with the addition to some leather and rye bread. The finish long and varies. Runs from caramel, floral, herbal and apple notes.
Woodford Reserve$14
Nose runs the gamut of vanilla, sweet corn, orange, and oak. Palate begins with strong notes of varnish, oak, alcohol heat, but gives way to charred orange, brown sugar and dried fruits. The finish is long and brings back the astringent notes on the nose.


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The nose is a mix of fruit (cheery/raspberry) and spiced tobacco. Fruit and tobacco continue on the palate with that spice continuing through the quick finish.
EH Taylor$16
Nose: Fresh cracked pepper, chili powder dryness, chocolate, spices. Palate: Full of cinnamon, red-hot heat, rye spice, dark fruits, and backed with a Mary Jane candy sweetness. Finish is long, dark, and complex with spice and pit fruits coming back.
Hudson Manhattan$16
A nose of maple, astringents, and mint. On the palate is more mint, with heat, pink peppercorn and clove. The finish is moderate, with more astringents coming through alongside a bit of lingering clove and cinnamon.
James Pepper$14
Nose is spicy and lives up to the 100 proof. Palate is spicy with some clove and honeysuckle. Finish is quick with rye as the major component.
Jim Beam Rye$12
Nose, banana, pepper, nutmeg and tobacco. Palate, thanksgiving baking spice bundle, summer fruits and caramelized wood. Finish is smooth, easy going with moderate. Small amount wood and vanilla comes through.
Knob Creek Rye$15
Nose is dried herbs, rye spice and barrel. Barrel continues on the palate adding some warmth from the heat, dried cherries, cigar tobacco, barrel and quite the oily mouth feel. Finish continues with char spice and more dried fruits coming though.
Old Overholt$12
Next time you take a shot of this rye, take a minute and actually smell the whiskey. You'll notice a pleasing aroma full of dark grain, char smoke, and cherry vanilla cola. The whiskey is quite hollow on your palate and not very full, but the finish is pleasing enough. You are left with the dark grain and char wood aromas.
Nose is marshmallow over a campfire and baking spices. Palate is a middle of tongue burn with an oily mouth feel, butter, burnt sugars, dried fruit and honeysuckle. Finish lingers with maple syrup, dried fruits, and honey.
Nose is heat blended with dried herbs (italian seasoning specific) with woody undertones and heat. High heat continues on the palate with fresh fruit, black pepper and clove. The medium/long finish screams of big red gum and a hint of leather.
Tasting notes on this rye differ from batch to batch (this can be said about pretty much all small batch, craft products), Templeton always keeps a nice nose of woods, spice, and heat. A light middle of the tongue burn gives way to caramel notes, red hots and a touch of brown sugar. Quick/moderate finish keeps with the nose and brings back the nice taste of wood.
Whistle Pig 10yr$16
Please do try both without water and with to see how each drop of water opens up the rye. Vanilla and cherry wood, cinnamon butterscotch, spiced & charred wood, peppercorns, the flavors go on and on. The whiskey warms you from the inside and has an everlasting gobstopper of a spicy finish.


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Gentleman Jack$15
Nose, Palate and finish can be summed up in one southern dessert; My Grandmother's Banana Pudding. Homemade vanilla pudding, Nilla Wafers, bananas and toasted meringue on the top.
George Dickel #8$10
Nose: corn, sweet cream butter. Palate is oak, charred sugars, honey with nutmeg custard. Finish is moderate with the honey custard lingering along with nutmeg and some oak.
George Dickel #12$12
Nose: corn, sweet cream butter and nutmeg. Palate is oak, charred sugars with nutmeg custard. Finish is moderate with the custard lingering along with nutmeg and some oak.
Jack Daniel$10
Nose, banana, vanilla, yeast and strong corn. Palate is more of the same, strong banana, corn, char from the barrel and some heat even at 80 proof. Finish is long and full of candy corn, more tropical fruit and a little heat.


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Just opening up the bottle, let alone pouring and taking a sip, you'll get a campfire aroma wafting in the air. Cigar ash and medicinal camphor comes into play, but you will find other notes such as lemon zest, pears, and a smidgen of honey. The whisky is oily and reminds you of smoked mackerel, but there is also a sweet spot of dark chocolate on the mid-palate. All of this is to say, please, if you haven't already, dive head first into this dram. We live once.
Balvenie 14yr$16
Aging whisky in rum casks can be a tricky proposition as they whisky can become overly "rummed". To be successful, the rum should just enhance the whisky, not overpower it. The Balvenie have done well here. Tropical fruits, vanilla, and honey are present, but it isn't intensely molasses or funky.
There are a fair amount of layers to this 12 year old whisky starting with the aroma: dark honey, cereal, citrus, and vanilla. The sherry really comes on the scene when you taste the whisky with cinnamon, dried fruits, and bitter chocolate. The finish is pleasant and of decent length. In short, for the price, it's a solid choice.
The aroma is pleasantly sweet and full of cereal, honey, and apples. There is a slight floral quality intertwined with more honey and cereal on the palate with the whisky coming to an end with oak notes. The White Label is never over-powering and really does well on the rocks.
Glenfiddich 12yr$16
Aged predominately in used American whiskey barrels, the 12 year is aromatic with orchard fruits, butterscotch, and wood spices. There are tasting notes of oatmeal with cinnamon on the palate and though the finish is brief, it goes gentle into that good night.
Glenfiddich 18yr$28
If ever there was a whisky that brings to mind "liquid fruitcake", this is it. The dried candied fruits, ginger, vanilla, baking spices and toffee just screams "fruitcake"
Glenlivet 12yr$14
There are times that you want an über complex, confounding, whisky to consume. And sometimes you just want a drink. The Glenlivet has pleasant aromas of toasted cereal, pears, and honey. The finish has more honey and vanilla but the whisky doesn't stay with you for the long haul. And that's okay because sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
Highland Park 12yr$15
The sweet aroma is very inviting and draws you in closer to inspect the dram. The honey'd and vanilla fragrance takes a turn on the palate replaced by grass and pineapple. A lemon twist or two comes next with the peat smoke just teasing your senses.
Highland Park 15yr$22
The peated smoke seems to be more intense in the 15 year old bottling particularly on the nose. It's got a sweet midsection with apple and spice and everything nice. On the finish, you find salted peanut brittle and smoke.
Highland Park 18yr$29
The sweet smoke is the underlying feature in this whisky but the complexity of the dram is what is most enjoyable. Among the many notes found were oyster mushrooms, fresh cut apples, kelp, cigar ash, honey, sea salt, and smoked bacon. Velvety and indulgent, the whisky finishes on the dry side with mouthwatering acidity.
Hudson Single Malt$16
Nose grape nuts, puffed grain cereal, and some oak sweetness. Palate: grains, oak, char, and some heat.
Intense peat smoke, with iodine and bandaids coming through. This is an intense, peated whisky and not for the faint of heart or those that hate smoke in a glass. For those that have a nose and keep searching you may just find, vanilla, pears and some honey under all that smoke.


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There is a beeswax component on the aroma with lemon peel, applesauce, and fresh cut grass. As you taste the whiskey, the lemon tartness comes first followed by some toasted cereal, cinnamon, and honey. There is a bitterness to the finish but that can be squashed quickly if you take another sip.
Jameson 12yr$18
Jameson 12 doesn't get a lot of attention, and that is unfortunate. Those folks that just know the standard Jameson offering would be in for quite a surprise. The range of tastes go from honey, ripe pear, buttered toasted nuts, and dark caramel. The whisky is smooth and has an enjoyable finish.
Jameson Black Barrel$15
The nose is full of grains, apple skins, and citrus. Smoke is present, but not overwhelming. On the palate, char smoke is blended with the fruit and the whiskey is smooth as you swallow. With a name like "Black Barrel", one might make the assumption of an over smoked, bitter whiskey. Jameson has balanced the smoke and fruit aspect quite nicely.
On the nose: Oats, honey, frosted flakes and blooming, sun drenched, honeysuckle. Palate: creamy, slightly malty with full fat, Irish buttered toast. Slight spice comes through in the beginning and end. Finish is long and easy with some of that spiced honey coming through.
Redbreast 12yr$16
A healthy dose of orange marmalade presents itself along with toast and coconut. Dried red fruit, cloves, and honey round out the palate and leads to a creamy and lengthy finish. All in all, a balanced and satisfying whiskey.
Redbreast 15yr$20
The nose is still filled with toast and honey, but this time there is a lemon bitterness as well. The wood spices also speak a little louder in the 15 year than in the 12 year with a pleasant bite at the finish.
Lots of soft vanilla notes on the nose, with a slight hit of spice near the end. A developing spice forms on the palate, with rich herbs, vanilla and caramel dancing until it mellows with a tingle on the long finish
Tullamore Dew$12
The Original is quite enjoyable with sweet cereal, barrel spices, and some honeyed nuts. It is a fairly straight forward affair, not overly oily, bitter, or sweet but it does have a bit of a brassy quality to it. There is a smoothness to the whiskey, and while it isn't necessarily one you'd be slowly sipping, it is perfectly acceptable as a shot or a mixer.