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BRUNCH LIFE – 11am to 4pm Every Day of the Week! 

Breakfast Burger$16
Pat La Frieda patty with spicy Bhut jam, bacon, caramelized onions, garlic aioli and topped with a fried egg on a brioche bun = HANGOVER GONE!
Add chili $4
Monsieur Sigmund$11
Sigmund's Class Pretzel topped with fried eggs, ham & cheddar cheese with a hit of scallions.
The classic Bacon, Egg and Cheese with Sautéed Onions & Sriracha Aioli served up on Sourdough with a side of breakfast potatoes.
Breakfast Tacos$12
Two flour tortillas bursting with ham, egg, mushrooms & cheddar cheese served with a side of breakfast potatoes.
THE B.L.E.A.T.$14
THE breakfast sandwich! Bacon, Lettuce, Egg (fried), Avocado, and Tomato with mayo & a side of breakfast potatoes. EAT THIS NOW!!!
The Tostada of Your Dreams$13
Avocado spread, truffle oil, bacon, asiago & a fried egg...'Nuff said.
Fantastical Fried Chicken Sandwich$16
Fried chicken topped with nueske bacon, fried egg cheddar & sausage thyme gravy
Breakfast Burrito$13
Italian Sausage, home fries, scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado in a wrap



Fried Egg$2
Breakfast Potatoes$5
Avocado Toast$7




Smoked Gouda & Fontina Mac N Cheese$12
Gouda, cheddar, a sprinkle of parmesan & topped with pickled jalapeños & panko breadcrumbs. Add bacon for $2 or make it a Freedman Truffle Shuffle with prosciutto & white truffle oil for $14.
Waffle fries, pickled jalapeños, creme fraiche, pico de gallo, fresh guac & melted Irish cheddar.
Add fried chicken $2 | pulled pork $2 | chilli $4 | duck confit $5 | irish bacon $2
Buffalo | Japanese BBQ | Garlic Parmesan | Srirach Honey | Bhut Dead Red | Bhut Atomic Fire | Irish Curry
served with blue cheese | celery | carrots
Salted | Garlic Parmesan | Truffle Cheddar | Sriracha Honey Glazed | Cinnamon sugar
Dips: Pub Cheese | Whole Grain Mustard | Cream Cheese Frosting
Popcorn Done Right$5
Properly popped popcorn seasoned perfectly for your munching needs when all you need is a snack to go with your beer.
Add Truffle Oil $2 | Bacon $2
Bespoke Beef Jerky$10
Our house marinated beef jerky.
Deviled Eggs$8
Made in memory of the classic deviled eggs you ate growing up at all those lovely holidays and picnics!



Duck Confit PoutineSm $9 Lg $15
Shoestring fries, truffle oil, Wisconsin cheese curds, duck fat gravy & pulled duck breast.
Loaded Fries$11
Take any of our tacos & you get a mess of shoestring fries topped with all the goodness of said taco. Make it waffle fries for $2 extra!
House-cut Fries | Waffle Fries +$2 | add Garlic +$1 | add Truffle Basil +$2



Chicken Taco $12 for 2
chicken marinated in guajillo sauce topped with onions & cilantro
Pulled Pork$12 for 2
Pickled red onion, shredded lettuce, Japanese BBQ sauce, & sprinkle of parmesan
Veggie$10 for 2
Seasoned button mushrooms, peppers, onions, & garlic topped with cheddar, guac & pico de gallo
Duck Confit$13 for 2
Hoison sauce, pickled cucumber, scallion & orange ponzu sauce.
Pho Taco$13 for 2
Flank steak cooked in pho brother, ramen noodles, hoisin sauce, mint, cilantro, basil, & jalapeños served with our magic dipping sauce.



Beef Chili$10
Ground Pat La Frieda beef topped with onions, cheese & creme fraiche served with a side of house made tortilla chips.
Add avocado $1
Sriracha Tomato Bisque$8
Fresh tomatoes, heavy cream & a healthy portion of Sriracha!
Cobb Salad$14
Mixed greens topped with avocado, egg, bacon, scallion, tomato & stilton blue cheese.
Add Grilled Chicken $2 | Duck Confit $5 | Bacon $3 | Pulled Pork $3
Tuscan Kale$13
Green kale, toasted pine nuts, shaved root, carrots, dried mission figs, asiago & truffle vinaigrette.
Add Grilled Chicken $2 | Duck Confit $5 | Bacon $3 | Pulled Pork $3


All Sandwiches are served with fries or house salad. Add garlic fries $1 | truffle fries $2 | waffle fries $2

Gold Label Burger$16
Pat La Frieda patty, tomato, lettuce, house pickles, grilled onions & muenster cheese topped with Sriracha aioli in a brioche bun.
Add bacon $3 | fried egg $2
The Wise Guy$14
IPA brined chicken, pesto aioli, roasted red pepper, prosciutto, spinach & a drizzle of balsamic on a Portuguese roll.
Veggie Burger$14
Beets, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Onions, our house blend of spices formed into a delicious patty with lettuce, tomato, and onion, mayo & topped with cheddar.
Your Mom's Grilled Cheese$13
Muenster cheese, fig jam, truffle oil & served with our Sriracha Tomato Bisque.
Add bacon $3 | caramelized onions $1 | tomato $1 | pickles $1
The Fantastical Fried Chicken!$16
Fried chicken, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, sausage & thyme/scallion gravy served on a biscuit.